Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quand le Père Noël

Mini Santa!
Last year Haakon's French Immersion senior kindergarten class was having a holiday concert. Parents were asked to dress their child as a "mini Santa!" With two days before the concert I ran out to VVs in hopes of finding something I could re-fashion into a Santa outfit. Here's what I found...

I was lucky to find a children's red, polar fleece robe from the Gap for $3.99, a black patent belt for 99 cents and an old Christmas stocking (I wanted the white fur trim). I went to Fabricland to buy some black pleather and white fur trim for boot covers. I sewed the white fur trim around the cuffs and bottom of the robe. To make the boot covers I sewed two cylinders out of the black pleather and sewed some more white fur to the tops of the covers. Haakon wore his black dress shoes to complete the faux boots. 
Haakon preforming "Quand le Père Noël"

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Until we thrift again...