Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Vintage 80s Sticker Book Collection

I was cleaning out my craft room (looks like an episode of hoarders!) and uncovered my childhood sticker book albums from the 80s.

Back in the day I was an avid collector and trader of stickers. 
I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

Puffy Pac-Family complete with googly eyes
Fuzzy and puffy Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.
Richy Rich Puffies

Fuzzy Glurfs made by Hallmark Cards in 1981. 
What is a Glurf?? I googled it~ gross~

Well used scratch and sniff smelly stickers. Cool graphics with clever sayings! Smell Stickers has brought back these retro stickers with the same vintage look.

Topps Garbage Pail Kids - "Run Down Rhoda" was my favourite! You remember the 1987 "Garbage Pails Kids" movie. 

Topps Wacky Packages. You can see more of these hilarious stickers here

so there you have it, my vintage sticker collection!

Until we thrift again...



  1. I had the exact same red sticker book! I was so proud of my collection.

  2. I too was very proud of my collection! I would spend hours rearranging and sorting my stickers.

  3. My friend & I were just talking about our 80s sticker collections yesterday! I wish I still had mine & when I told her that vintage stickers are a hot commodity on eBay, she regretted taking them off their backings.

  4. I know!! I can't believe some of the prices of these stickers on Ebay...unfortunately all of mine have been peeled off their original backings. If only I knew...

  5. Puffy stickers and scratch n sniff! Haha seeing these pictures really took me back thanks.

  6. Ahhhh I remember my sticker albums! I still have them also..they are full of puffy stickers.

    Do you remember Glurfs? They were these weird mosters that had hot pink,purple or lime colored fuzzy hair.

    Man, I wish it was ok to be in your 30s and collect stickers