Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vintage Fisher Price Play Sets

As a kid I used to love playing with my Fisher Price play sets. I had the A-Frame House as well as the Farm but like most kids I sold many of my toys at garage sales.

This past September my sisters cleaned out our father's crawl space, known to close friends and family as "The Hole!" To my surprise they found the fold down driveway. Now all I need to find is the house to go with it.

You see it buried under my Cabbage Patch dolls and a fuchsia hankie!

This Play Set was made in 1968. Fisher Price still makes a Little People Farm Play Set with chunkier pieces.

When I'm out thrifting I usually hit the toy section first in hopes of finding any Vintage Fisher Price toys. My most recent acquisition is a Vintage Fisher Price Airport and Plane. The play set isn't complete as it is missing the helicopter, transport-tractor, fuel car and luggage.

This play set was made in 1980.

The airport is in excellent condition. The stickers are not ripped or torn so for $2.99 it was a fantastic buy!

The airplane is also in great condition. Usually the door is missing or broken. The stickers are a little faded but intact so for $1 I couldn't pass it up!

Vintage Fisher Price toys are getting harder and harder to find. They only way you will be able to find Vintage Fisher Price play sets is either on Ebay, Etsy, thrift stores or at yard sales. They are becoming more collectible every year.

Do you have a favourite Vintage Fisher Price toy? If so, do share.


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