Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vintage Fisher Price Micro Explorer Set

Yesterday at Value Village I found the coolest vintage Fisher Price toy! I have a secret vintage Fisher Price addiction. The Micro Explorer Set from 1986. I thought it was a steal at $3.99! Usually VV's puts these kinds of items in their showcase, so I was surprised to find it in the toy section. 

Growing up I never had this particular toy but my sister had the Fisher Price doctor's kit from the 70s which is similar in design. 

Although the kit isn't complete the major components are intact (microscope, tweezer, instruction manual and slides). The kit however is missing 2 specimen jars and an eye dropper. 

I was really excited that the light on the microscope still works!

Since the kit came home we have already examined several insects and lots of dust bunnies! 

What is your favourite vintage Fisher Price toy?



  1. You should join the The Fisher-Price Collectors Club - with annual convention!

    1. I didn't know there was a FP collectors club!
      I will post more of my collection in a later post.