Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Silverware

Today is my 36th birthday and ML gave me some vintage silver plate flatware that belonged to RJ's Grandma LaVerle. I don't have complete place settings, but do have at least six of everything. These pieces have a wonderfully detailed grape and vine pattern known as "Vintage". 

All the knives, dinner forks, salad forks and soup spoons are marked "1847 Rogers Bros".  There is also a ladle and plenty of serving spoons.
The knives.
The salad forks are really decorative. 

The butter knife has an interesting "twisted" handle.

The dessert spoons have a pointed tip - not sure why?

Serving fork and ladle.

These spoons have a long skinny handle -perhaps used for ice cream sundaes!

I had to google how to set a proper place setting!
The plates are also vintage from RJ's grandma - I love the crest!
Close up of the crest.

My sister KJ also sent me a birthday package today! A vintage tea towel of the year I was born ~ 1976! As you might of guessed I have a collection of vintage tea towels.

Hope you had a wonderful and thrifty day!


  1. The silverware is beautiful as is the china, what a nice gift! Glad the tea towel arrived, you need to find a bunch from 1976 and make a picnic blanket or something! Happy birthday, enjoying your posts!

  2. Thanks for the lovely tea towel! When I'm out thrifting I always look for my birthday year but rarely have luck ~ this is my first 1976 tea towel.
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!