Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All things Mickey

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a passion for Disney especially Mickey Mouse!
I was 5 years old when I first visited Disney World in Florida. 
That's me on the left.

Here we are enjoying Mickey Mouse ice cream treats! Circa 1981 

We met the Big Cheese himself! I was petrified...

So as you can imagine I'm always on the lookout for vintage Disney memorabilia.

Here are are a few of my Disney thrifty finds...

I found this great vintage Mickey and Minnie inspired tablecloth at VVs for $3.99. It's so large, that it would work perfectly as a picnic blanket.

I found these adorable stainless spoon and fork set by Bonny Products of Japan. Can you believe they were only 19 cents a piece! What a bargain. 

I found this adorable kids Mickey jacket size 3. 
Looks to be from the early 80s. You can get an adult version here.

Here Haakon is wearing the jacket for our community bike parade.

This was Haakon's first time at Disney World. We waited 2 hours to meet Mickey and Minnie ~ he fell asleep.

We spent one Christmas at Disney World. It was amazing!!

The Disney at Night parade, "Spectromagic" was fantastic!

Christmas with Mickey at Hollywood Studios!

Who is your favourite Disney Character?


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  1. Yikes, it was a very bad idea to cut my bangs. I can still recall the taste of that ice cream.
    That satin jacket was a great find!
    Favourite character...hmmm...the step sisters.