Monday, February 4, 2013

Year of the Snake~ Chinese New Year craft

On February 10th, 2013 we will say good-bye to the year of the Dragon (which happens to mine and Elsa's animal) and welcome the Year of the Snake! 

I found an easy snake craft on Pinterest. Haakon and I always enjoy making crafts for CNY. Here are some firecrackers we made a couple of years ago. The baby shoes were a gift for Haakon from his Nan when she travelled to China.

Step 1: Paint a paper plate ~ we chose red because it symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese culture.

Step 2: Use scrap pieces of bubble wrap dipped in gold and yellow paint to create the look of snake scales. We chose yellow and gold paint because it represents earth and is considered the most beautiful colour in Chinese culture.

Step 3: When your paint has dried (we used a hair dryer to speed up the drying time) draw a spiral on the plate. Cut the spiral to form the body of the snake.

Step 4: Glue a pair of googly eyes and a red, felt tongue.

You could also add a string for hanging. This makes a beautiful decoration to ring in the New Year. 

Here are some decorations we spotted at our local Walmart. They are carrying a selection of CNY decorations including lanterns and Lucky money envelopes.

They even had CNY Hersey Kisses!

I'll be heading into Haakon's school this Friday to read the story "Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin and to complete this craft with his class. 

Here's Elsa wearing a pink Qipao I bought at Salvation Army for $3.99.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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  1. The snake project turned out really well. The gold paint bubble wrap print making technique is a good one.

  2. Cute project, Astrid! And I love the pink Qipao...can't believe you found that at Salvation Army!

    1. Thanks Heather! I've been lucky the Goodwill and Sally Anns in my area always have Qipaos and Asian vests for so cheap! I have about 5 I use in my dramatic play centre in my classroom.

  3. How fantastic is your beautiful snake!!! I can't wait to spend more time in your blog.