Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Valentine Swap

Very envious of all those amazing heart shaped boxes floating around blog land so my sister and I decided to have our own little Valentine Swap! I didn't have any heart shaped candy boxes lying around so I went to Walmart and picked up a Lindor Lindt Valentines' chocolate box. I stayed up until the wee hours decorating and filling my box with vintage goodies (unfortunately the chocolates didn't make it in...Lindors are my favourite!) so I could mail it out before the big day! KJ has now received her box so I can share with you what it looked like.

Here's a peek at my finished box!

I'm still lacking in the Vintage Valentine's department so I decided to use some playing cards to decorate the lid. These playing cards are vintage and belonged to my grandparents. I applied some glitter to the cards to add some sparkle. The rose embellishments are also vintage. I purchased the tinsel garland after Christmas at Walmart for 70% off. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. 

In addition to the candy box, I also sent some Valentines dolls for my nieces dollhouse. I thrifted these dolls from Salvation Army and further embellished them using ribbons, hearts, roses and vintage buttons. The little blonde doll is a Madame Alexander Mcdonald's toy from the Wizard of Oz series. The little brunette doll is a vintage doll from Wales. I replaced her daffodil with a valentine! You can view these dolls in their new home here. I included several other vintage goodies but I'll let KJ share those. Now that I've had some practice I think I'm ready to participate in more Valentine's swaps next year!

Here is what I received in the mail today! I'll share it's contents tomorrow!

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Until we thrift again...


  1. Great idea! I'm currently looking for pinteresting food ideas for V Day! x

  2. I missed out on the swap too, you were smart to swap,with your sister, I'm going to check out her blog! I just signed up for an Easter swap last night,,it'll be my first one, did you see it??

  3. Oh, I forgot to say - your box is so cute!!! Can't wait to see what your reveal is......

  4. Your box and dolls are darling! I wanted to join in too but got anxious about it and waited too long. Next year, huh?!

    Oh! That looks like there's going to be a lot of Valentine cute stuff in that package. Enjoy!

  5. You made her a beautiful box, I love it. Great idea using the cards, so unique. Such sweet little dolls you re-did for your niece, she is sure to love them.

  6. I can't speak for your sister, but I would LOVE to receive that box! You did a fantastic job on it, and I adore that little valentine couple. After seeing all of the sweet candy boxes in blogland, I'm tempted to make one next year too!
    Happy REDnesday,