Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting caught up! Thrifty finds

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. It's hard to believe it's almost March. I will be heading back to work in a couple of weeks as my baby girl will soon be turning 1 years old! It's been a great maternity leave but I do miss being in the classroom.

I thought I would share with you some recently thrifted items I've picked up this past month.

Snowflake Turquoise Rectangular Casserole Baking Dish # 575 2 qt for $2.99.

Spring Blossom 1.5 qt oval casserole dish with lid for $3.99. Both pieces of Pyrex with thrifted from Salvation Army.

8 vintage jelly molds for 99 cents. I loved the colours and thought they would be great for crafting...I have plans to use them for Easter decorations.

Made in Japan oven proof baking dish for a $1. Not sure if it's vintage I just liked the shape and heart motif.

A minty set of 4 Federal Bowling glasses for $2. I have a thing for vintage bowling items ever since I threw my son a retro themed bowling birthday party.

2 Glasbake D-ring bowling mugs for $1. 

2 vintage ROSTI mugs in yellow and orange made in Denmark. I paid a $1 for the pair. I also found this cute set of "Little Forks" made in Japan for $1. Both the mugs and forks are in excellent condition. 

It's hard to believe I thrifted all these items for less then $15!

Until we thrift again...



  1. You did really great! My Mom had those very same Jello moulds, they might be still in the cupboard! I always think that if something is made in Japan, then, it's vintage!

    I found the same set of forks, sold them on Ebay!

    Your thrifting time will be cut back when you head back to work - good luck!

  2. Wow - great finds! And I really like blog posts where the author tells the price of the found items, makes it a lot more real and fun for fellow treasure seekers :-)

  3. You found some great treasures. Love those sweet Jello molds! I need some of those! heehee!

  4. Very nice - I really like those Rosti mugs!

  5. oh that is a great bunch of finds! i love the box the forks are in!

  6. Some really great finds and at fab prices. I have two pieces of Pyrex in the same snowflake and blossom design. Mine are a little different. My blossom is a small round one and it's my only Pyrex piece left from my wedding. I love the colorful jelly mokds. They will be so fun for Spring. I have never seen bowler glasses before. They would be so fun for a party! Thanks for sharing with Share Your cup.