Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Morning Live on CTV

Last week I applied for free tickets for the kids and I to be part of the live studio audience for the Halloween CTV Morning Show. We had to be downtown for 6:30am (we normally get up at 7:30am!) dressed in our Halloween costumes. 
It was a mad rush to get everyone fed and dressed, but we made it! 

There was plenty of Tim Hortons donuts, timbits and coffee on hand! 
I would of killed for a Starbucks latte!

 View from our seats. The entire set was decorated for Halloween
It looked very spooooky!!
Here we are in our Halloween Costumes! 
Haakon wearing his Gangnam style costume and Elsa wearing her gnome costume
Little Ray's Reptiles was one of the guests! Sorry for the blurry photo...

  Here's Haakon petting "Q-tip" the skunk and a turkey vulture.
Haakon got to be part of a Last Minute Halloween Make-Up Tips segment. 

You can view the video here

Thanks for sharing our 15+ minutes of fame!
Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

Until we thrift again...


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