Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Feather Tree

A couple of years ago I purchased a table top Martha Stewart feather tree from Sears. What I most love about this tree is how versitile it is. It's feathers are white and it's perfect for any seasonal holiday. 

This tree is displayed on my harvest table in my kitchen. This year I decorated it with some recently thrifted vintage ornies.

I replaced the ornaments the tree came with, with these beauties! Paid $1.99 for the box at SA.

I found this golden angel at SA for 99 cents. It was missing it's original lights.
I threaded the ornaments through each feather branch replacing the need for ornament hangers.

Dimpled ornaments

flocked ornaments

I have never seen one of these sweet Christmas tin buckets before. It's made in Hong Kong by the New York Tin Company. Paid 49 cents for this!

I thrifted this vintage table cloth last week for $3.99 at SA. I love the bright cheery colours and kitschy graphics.

This is my first knee hugger elf! I bought him two years ago at SA for 99 cents.

"Only 5 more sleeps!" ~ Nookah the Elf

It's Vintage Thingie Thursday so I'll be joining The Coloradolady for all the vintage Christmas fun! Hope to see you there...

Until we thrift again...


  1. I never saw a feather tree before. Guess I need to get and about more. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty decorations.

  2. I adore feather trees. Yours is so darling with your vintage ornaments.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Very nice choice with the decorations!! I love those elves, but they're sure not very plentiful!

  4. I love your feather tree with the vintage ornaments! So perfect!