Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas...

Happy December! Here is a look at some of my recently thrifted vintage Christmas decorations on display.

A vintage glass cake plate adorned with various vintage glass ornaments. I found these 2 mini glass Cloche Bell Jars for 59 cents a piece at SA.

Love this elf knee hugger linen table cloth! It works as a great backdrop for all my vintage ornaments. Picked it up at VVs for $5.99 and it's in mint condition.

Father Christmas by Ulster Irish linen tea towel. Linens were 50% at SA this week so it cost me a mere 49 cents! You'll have to excuse the wrinkles.

Cute Raggedy Ann ornament and Santa candle.

A close up of my buffet complete with a vintage Golden book of Jingle Bells.

Angels, Santas and Elves~ Oh my!

Vintage Gurley candles I found a couple of weeks ago at a Church rummage sale for a $1. 

On December 1st our elf named "Nokaah" (Haakon's name spelt backwards!) came out to play! Here's what he's been up to...
Day 1 "Into the Cheerios!"

Day 2 "Join the Naughty Side!"

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Until we thrift again...


  1. I very seldom see vintage Christmas linens, nice finds!

  2. We have that exact same elf linen tablecloth. I found mine at St. Vincent de Paul. We used it last night for the first Sunday of Advent supper. The display looks good, I should get our our Jingle Bells Golden Book.

  3. Those ornaments are fantastic! The interesting vintage ones are getting harder and harder to find in my neck of the woods.

  4. You have a fantastic collection! Your Elf on the Shelf looks like he's gonna be in all kinds of trouble this December. : )

  5. I love absolutely everything in your post. We have very similar decorating styles when it comes to vintage Christmas!

    Happy Holidays,