Saturday, December 8, 2012

#elfantics!! Look what our elf has been up to!

On December 1st our Elf named Nokaah (Haakon's name spelt backwards) came out to play. Here are some of his #elfantics!
Day 1
"Into the Cheerios!"

Day 2
"Join the Naughty Side!"

Day 3
"Elf Smack down!"

Day 4

Day 5
"Starbies Run!"

Day 6
"Our elf decided to play nice!"

Day 7
"Sharpie Elf!"

Day 8
"An elf's work is never done!"

You can follow more of Nokaah's #elfantics by following me at 1976clara on instagram.

What has your elf been up to?

Be sure to stop by Lil Blue Boo's GOT ELF? THE GREAT ELF ON THe SHELF LINK UP to see what other elves have been up to!

Until we thrift again...

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