Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Noël C'est Rouge!

                             It's Rednesday and with Christmas approaching I wanted to share with you some of my fabulous and red thrifty holiday items!

So cute! 3 pixies in row...can you spot them in my pile of vintage ornaments I scored for $2!

Two vintage Libbey cherry juice glasses for a $1. So bright and cheerful! They are small in size so at first I thought they were shot glasses but later realized they were for juice.

I was amazed to see this Vintage Ding Dong Express Tin Toy Train from the 1960's made in Japan. It just so happened toys were 99 cents at Salvation Army when I found this tucked away on a shelf. It's in pretty rough condition but I thought it would be cute with a tiny wreath on the front for my Christmas display.

Some red vintage paisley fabric and sewing notions! 


I was delighted to find this ornament of Santa doing a hand stand~so cute!

A Christmas tray made in Hong Kong and a vintage Santa mug made in Japan. I think I'm going to use the mug to make one of these cute bottle brush tree decorations seen here.

Two adorable 1950's plastic Santa boot candy containers. These are marked made in the USA possibly by Rosbro? However they appear to be two left feet!?!

Two packages of vintage ornaments for 99 cents each! So excited to put them on my tinsel tree!

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Until we thrift again...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy to find some really cute vintage Christmas decor.

  2. Love that assortment of ornaments and the pixies - too cute!!

    I very seldom ever see old juice glasses, they're always a great find!

    1. The pixies are my fav! I now have 5 knee hugger pixie/elves in my collection.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Denise! It's always a thrill when you find cool, vintage Christmas decor. I loved the kitschy Christmas pics you posted on your blog.

  4. I like that phrase, "until we thrift again" which for me means about every other day.

    Popped in from Rednesday.

  5. You lucky! What a lot of fun stuff you found!

    Happy belated Rednesday!

    1. Thanks Sally! I was pretty happy with my red vintage goodies!

  6. I would love to find a stash of those plastic ornaments! I always seem to just find the vintage wooden, painted ones here, which is fine but would really like to find a stash like yours!

    1. Yes, I was pretty lucky to find all these plastic ornaments at one thrift store but I had to work at it! They were divided among 4 large bins so a lot of rummaging was involved.