Friday, November 9, 2012

Mugs, Mugs and more Mugs!

Do you collect vintage mugs? Here's a look at some of our mugs we've recently acquired...

Bonnet Girls Termocrisa Casa Milk Glass Stacking Mugs

I found 4 of these vintage Termocrisa stacking mugs for a steal at Sally Ann! I paid a $2 for the set. Upon further research these mugs were made for the Latin American market and were considered Fire King knock offs! They are in excellent condition and I was thrilled to add them to my mug collection.  

1960s Era Vintage Pyrex Blue Striped Coffee Mugs

RJ bought these 3 Pyrex mugs online not sure what he paid. He appreciates vintage things online but despises going to thrift stores!  

Vintage? Made In Czechoslovakia Mug with Lid

I don't know much about this mug other then where it was made.
If anyone has any information about this sweet mug I would love to hear from you!?!

Vintage Arcopal France Clown Mug 
I'm not a fan of clowns but I couldn't resist buying this mug from GW for $1.04...what's with the strange pricing at GW?? 

Vintage Gorham Sesame Street Mug
I was so excited when I spotted this Sesame Street Mug circa 1976 on the shelf at Sally Ann for 49 cents! This mug features Grover milking a cow and all the Sesame Street characters are waiting their mugs. You can see more the Gorham Sesame Street China mugs here

There you have it a small but fun collection of mugs.
Wishing everyone a thrifty weekend!

Until we thrift again...

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