Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Collection of Money Banks

Most of us had a money bank or piggy bank as a child to save for something really special! My first money bank was this dog...he isn't marked nor do I remember where it came from. All I know is it's over 30 years old and still has it's original plastic stopper!
My first money bank

Both my sisters had similar money banks except one was a lion and the other a cow. Recently while thrifting, I spotted this cookie jar that looks identical to KJ's lion bank! I had to snap a picture for her.

I thrifted this vintage Fisher Price piggy bank for Haakon. His hat twists off to remove the coins. The Bottom Reads 1980 Fisher- Price Toys Division Of Quaker Oats Co. 166. He's in great vintage condition! Love his piercing blue eyes and rosey cheeks!

I thrifted this "Ontario Pork Pig" piggy bank made by Decal Artistry by Catterina Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The funny thing is anyone who knows me knows I don't eat pork! but his face is really sweet~ don't you think?

I recently thrifted this ceramic, square money bank created for the Design Centre London. It has a mod design of a Royal Guard on the front and the back shows the Tower of London. It's marked made in England and paid only 99 cents!

Here is my 1970s Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken bank. I purchased him while in university for a quarter at a garage sale! The pig in a barrel I thrifted at VVs last month.

With a cashless society and the penny being phased out (In Canada) do you think money banks will be a thing of the past?

I'll be joining Sue's linky party for Rednesday

Until we thrift again...


  1. oh man, i would LOVE to have a colonel sanders bank! i love him! i have a chalkwear dog that is a bank, and a little safe that was my dad's when he was a kid in the 60's.
    i wonder the same thing about coins. will kids start to get their allowance on debit cards or something?

  2. I had the Colonel Sanders bank!! And, I remember having an owl one.... Do children even use banks anymore?? Yours are pretty cute....

  3. Oh, I love money boxes! You have a great collection! I salute the Colonel and, if it wasn't U.S. Thanksgiving today, I'd go right out and get some!