Sunday, November 11, 2012

$5 takes it all!

Saturday I was lucky to hit a church rummage sale and while driving home I stumbled on an Estate Sale blocks from my home! Love it when that happens.

The pickings where slim as I think the sale started on Friday but this is the box I managed to get for $5! 
My haul of retro goodies!

A Pyrex Cookie Jar! It's in pretty good condition just some light wear on the letter E in 'The'. What's neat about this jar is if your cookies go slightly stale you just take the lid off and pop the whole jar in the oven~ ingenious!

A forest green planter pot that was most likely made in the 1950's. It was made by Ungemach Pottery - UP Co. USA. This planter was pretty dirty so when I got home I gave it a good scrub and noticed a small chip on the bottom corner. Oh well 

Some vintage Disney Christmas wrap featuring the whole gang~ Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck! You can see more of my vintage Mickey finds here.

A very cool hand towel with the word LOVE screened on~ possibly a squash towel? It was made in the USA by the Cannon towel company. Anyone know if this is a company logo?

A copy of LIFE Magazine ~ The 70s December issue from 1979! It's not in the best condition but has some amazing pictures and articles from that decade. Since I was a born in the 70s I felt I better add this magazine to my collection! 
I will share some of the great ads in a later post.

This was probably my favourite find of the day! It's a a colourful set of vintage nesting snack bowls with a bowler on top! This will be a perfect addition to my son's upcoming Retro Mr. Men Bowling Party! I love the cursive lettering.

Trophies were everywhere!! Again some added vintage decorations for the upcoming Part-ay. I managed to find 3 bowling trophies~ accidentally dropped one! knew I should of grabbed a box sooner... hopefully some Gorilla Glue can fix it.

The basement of this house was a blast from the past~ Do you remember GINI soda pop?? It was a staple in our house growing up. These bottle had never been opened!

Hope you had as thrifty a weekend as I did! Stay tuned for my Church Rummage Sale finds!!

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  1. wow pretty cool finds and at a great price enjoy them

  2. Love the old magazines, but I don't often find them, that looks like a great one..

    The snack set is so retro - I have a similar one

    Nice finds!

  3. Is Gino pre colt?
    Great finds, can't believe you pop that jar in the oven!

    1. Not sure if it's pre Colt! Don't you remember it was part of the Pure Springs Company. I didn't realize that the Pure Spring Company Ltd. was an Ottawa, Canada-based bottler of soft drinks which included Pure Spring Ginger Ale, Minted Grape, Swiss Cream Soda, Honee Orange, Grand Slam, root beer, and Gini! Now there's some Ottawa Soda Pop trivia for you!!

  4. I've got a similar snack set too, the bowler is a nice, retro touch! Never knew the Pyrex jars were oven proof & I know nothing about the towel, sorry!

    1. I too didn't know Pyrex jars where oven proof! Not sure I'll test it out in fear it will explode;0

  5. I think its a tennis towel - a play on the game scoring i.e. "30–love", "I Love Tennis". looks brand new!

    1. Ahh! That would make sense! I don't play tennis but it's still a sweet hand towel with a great graphic.

  6. I love the cookie jar and...hell, everything. Beautiful scores!

  7. You did great! I love the vintage planter and that snack set is cool!

    PS/Did you know you have the word verification on? Sometimes it's hard to leave a comment, I & others have trouble reading them, but I try twice & then give up, LOL!