Friday, November 16, 2012

I found it!!! Fisher Price Play Family A Frame

As you may recall in some of my previous posts that I have a love affair with vintage Fisher Price toys! I've been looking for the Family A-Frame house since I had my son almost 6 years ago! I finally found it~ YAY! and it just so happens the day I found it toys were 99 cents at Salvation Army! It's in fantastic vintage condition and there are no tears on the lithography or child graffiti! The only thing missing was it's driveway door but...

if you remember I posted here about my two sisters cleaning out the crawl space at my fathers house where they found the folding driveway from my house that I had in the early 80s!! Unfortunately I sold my house at a garage sale.

A perfect fit!
Last night Haakon set up the house with some furniture and little people we found over the years at thrift stores. I don't normally buy things from Ebay but I might be tempted to buy the original A-Frame furnishings!
These are the people in my neighbourhood!
I love it when you can check an item off your "Thrift List!"

What items have you checked off your thrift list lately?

I'm heading over to Have a daily cup of Mrs. Olson for Share your cup Thursday! 
Until we thrift again...


  1. I am so glad we saved the door, the house is in excellent condition.

  2. LOVE the A-frame house too. I've never collected vintage FP but do admire them:) I checked off a rather large Santa Claus indoor/outdoor blow mold light earlier this summer when I was estate sale shopping. Can't wait to put him outside soon! It is fun when you have a running mental list of items that you want to score on! Cute blog:)

    1. A large Santa blow mold is on my list! I found a small one but would love to find a large one for my front porch.

  3. Don't you just love that feeling that you get when you find something that you have been searching for? Sure, you can always go on eBay and find it most of the time. But what fun is that?


    1. It's an awesome feeling to find something you've be searching for! I think that's why I don't buy things on eBay you just don't get that same satisfaction ~ it's all about the thrill of the hunt!

  4. How fun! My kids grew up with these toys. My middle daughter has been searching and buying them for her 3 year old daughter. Gave her the barn for her birthday. Many hours of fun were shared with these toys and my children. Thanks for sharing them with Share Your Cup. Now following you.
    p.s. I don't have a list, just love to search and buy what ever catches my eye. lol! It's just fun!