Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vintage Coca-Cola!

Last week I found this vintage 70s or 80s Coca-Cola ice bucket? snack bowl? from SA for $1.99. I have always been drawn to Coca-Cola memorabilia and was really excited to spot this beauty on the shelf. It's in amazing, minty condition! The bowl has various Coke branding like...


It’s the real thing.

Things go better with Coke.

Coke is it!

Have a Coke a smile.


What do you think about the new ads Coke has just launched to tackle obesity?

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Until we thrift again...


  1. Probably 1980's. The slogan "Have a Coke & A Smile" started in 1979 (I think).

    And on their advertising, they are going to be clear on calories, OK. 140 calories on a can does not look that bad. It's the 42 carbohydrates, 41 grams of sugar & in the states I guess that high fructose corn syrup.. that they should be making clear if they really gave a crap about obesity. In a society where people are becoming more conscious of the dangers (I guess) of eating unhealthy, companies will try any tactic to get you to buy their product. 140 calories is the most positive thing about a can of Coke? Nothing about ruining your enamel, 40+ of sugars & carbs.. ya know?

    People are going to just see the "140" calories & think "this isn't so bad for me afterall"...

    That's what I think anyhow.

    1. And the Mars bar I bought today has 240 Calories displayed on the front... OK, 240 calories for a full sized bar, not too bad I think to myself. But.. 30g of sugars, 9g of fat, 6g of sat fat & 0.1 trans fat (equal = 31%), 36g carbs.

      I think the calories on the front thing is all a marking gimmick.

    2. Agreed! I feel a large part of the problem is the "Super Size Me" phenomenon!