Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Morning Live on CTV

Last week I applied for free tickets for the kids and I to be part of the live studio audience for the Halloween CTV Morning Show. We had to be downtown for 6:30am (we normally get up at 7:30am!) dressed in our Halloween costumes. 
It was a mad rush to get everyone fed and dressed, but we made it! 

There was plenty of Tim Hortons donuts, timbits and coffee on hand! 
I would of killed for a Starbucks latte!

 View from our seats. The entire set was decorated for Halloween
It looked very spooooky!!
Here we are in our Halloween Costumes! 
Haakon wearing his Gangnam style costume and Elsa wearing her gnome costume
Little Ray's Reptiles was one of the guests! Sorry for the blurry photo...

  Here's Haakon petting "Q-tip" the skunk and a turkey vulture.
Haakon got to be part of a Last Minute Halloween Make-Up Tips segment. 

You can view the video here

Thanks for sharing our 15+ minutes of fame!
Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

Until we thrift again...


Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sea Hagg

All this rain forecasted for this week reminded me of our summer holiday in Florida. My sister, RJ met us and we decided to spend a a couple of days by the beach in Longboat Key. It rained the entire time!! but it didn't keep us from enjoying the sun, sand and surf!

Haakon taking in the surf at Longboat Key, 2012

The Sea Hagg ~ Cortez, Florida

I'm new to this blogging thing and wanted to change my layout and add a photo from this amazing salvage yard we just happened to find on our way home from the beach. The Sea Hagg is a nautical antique and gift store filled with sea related treasures. Here are some of the antiques and curiosities you will find...
Old license plates ~ they even had one from Ontario, Canada! eh!

old boat motors
Vintage Cork Floats $4 each. Love the sign "property is not kid friendly!"~ain't that the truth! 
Deep sea fishing rods, water skies,
fishing nets and
sun worn vintage buoys
Vintage diving gear

Spot the lizard

This place was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't buy any treasures but I did pick up one of these amazing Sea Bags made from recycled boat sails.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Witch, a Rabbit and a Chimp? Oh my!!

This past week I found some interesting vintage pieces all for less then $10!  

I think I hit all my favourite thrift stores this week and managed to find something cool at each of them.
Here is a closer look at some of my vintage goodies...

I found this hanging Beistle Co honeycomb witch circa 1980 for a mere 29 cents! But I noticed on Ebay she is missing her cape and broom. Oh well... 
At the moment I'm using a bamboo skewer for a broom. 

This adorable linen hardcover book written in two languages, English and French for 50 cents. It was published in the Netherlands in 1961. The colours and graphics are amazing. Haakon is in grade 1 French immersion and he read the entire story in both French and English ~ which is even more amazing!!

 An original sealed package of 10 Cup and Ball party favours from Woolworths! 
Do you remember Woolworths? 
I was planning on using these for Haakon's birthday loot bags but I'm not sure I can bare to open the factory seal!

For a mere 49 cents I found this amazing mug of the Islands of Hawaii. 
It has a nice weight to it and is stamped USA in block letters. 
Perhaps McCoy??

This vintage Westclox Silver Bell Monogram wind up alarm clock. 
Still works and keeps great time! For $1.99 

A cut glass cake stand. It had no markings but looks 50s or 60s. $2.99

And lastly this Chimp doll complete with his own banana seuss!
Looks like Zippy Zip from the Howdy Doody show! He's kinda a scary and cute at the same time...not sure why I bought him but I thought he needed a home!

What lucky finds did you pick up this weekend?

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bricktober 2012

WE are LEGO fanatics!! so...

Today we celebrated LEGO Bricktober 2012 by attending a 
FREE, yes FREE Make and Take Event at our local Toys R US!

Kids were invited to build their own LEGO Dracula, LEGO Friends or DUPLO Pumpkin models and bring them home for FREE!! 
The event begin at 11am so we were there by 10:45am to ensure we got our kits!

Haakon met one of his friends at the event. After battling other LEGO crazed families we finally got all the pieces necessary to build our very own LEGO Dracula and DUPLO Pumpkins.

So the building begins...


and in 15 mins here we have it our

finished Dracula and pumpkin models! 

Happy Bricktober!!

Until we thrift again...


Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank Gnome it's Friday!

Today I went to GW and found the perfect Halloween costume for Elsa and for $1.99 I couldn't pass it up.

I'm half Norwegian so trolls and gnomes run in the family!

It was 21 degrees today so cousin Lorraine and I took Elsa outside to model her new costume.


Elsa hanging out with our Kartell Attila gnome stool.

Here's a look at my Ny Form Trolls from Norway

and Iceland

I still have my Good Luck Troll I would bring to my high school exams! 
circa 1995

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage He-Man and WWF action figures

Today proved to be the day for 80s books and toys! 

Growing up I never played with He-Man (my BFF had an extensive She-Ra collection!) or WWF wrestlers but they always intrigued me ~Junkyard Dog seemed pretty cool! I'm always on the look out for cool vintage books and toys for my 5 year old son. When I spotted these wrestlers and He-Man books I knew he would enjoy playing with them. 

I paid $5 for the figures and $1 for both books!

Titan Sports Inc / LJN Inc is the maker of these 80s WWF wrestling figures. This toy manufacturer also produced toys based on popular cartoon shows like Voltron and Thundercats neither of which I ever watched!

 These are actual rubber figures which bounce when you bounce them on the floor. There was also a ring that they sold for them to wrestle in. 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage circa 1986

King Harley Race circa 1987

Bam Bam Bigelow circa 1988

Jake "The Snake" Roberts circa 1987

Stare down!

Pile on!

They are definitely not in mint condition but perfect for a 5 year old and his baby sister to play with!

These were tonight's bedtime stories!

Until we thrift again...