Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day~ A little eco-crafting for Space!

Happy Earth Day! Since my blog is dedicated to all things fabulous and thrifty it's only fitting that I share with you some eco-crafting.

It all began with a sketch and some materials from our recycle bin! My niece made this rocket ship for the TVO kids build a rocket ship contest in honour of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Haakon loves a crafty challenge so he decided he too would build his own rocket ship.

We gathered an array of recyclables! 

This is the sketch Haakon drew prior to construction. After viewing some rocket ships online he felt he needed to change his original wing design.

Haakon's school is participating in Music Monday on May 6th where they will be singing this year's theme song called 
“ISS – Is Somebody Singing" a collaboration by Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? I like to do my part so I may just have to do a little thrifting!

Until we thrift again...


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yabba Dabba Doo! Vintage Flintstones

So it's been a while since I've written a post but I haven't really had many thrifty finds to share until now.
Recently I've begun a small collection of vintage Flintstones memorabilia. The Flintstones were one of my favourite childhood cartoons.

Vintage Flintstone Collection in the making

I was delighted to find this Paperback Flintstones mini flip book titled "Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm Meet Santa Clause" by Hanna-Barbera. I paid 49 cents for it which was 10 cents less then it originally cost (in Canada) in 1977!

Vintage Canada's Wonderland Dino mug made in Japan for 49 cents. If you are from Ontario, Canada chances are you've been to Canada's Wonderland and visited Hanna~Barbera Land which features characters from the Flintstones and Smurfs.

The Barney vinyl doll was produced by the Knickerbocker Toy Co. for Hanna Barbera Productions and dates from the 1960s. I picked him up for $5 from SA. I'm not really sure why he has green hair? but I love his jovial expression.
Pebbles is made by Kenner Toys and dates from 1970s. After some research I discovered she is a sip-a-long toy. She is supposed to have a tiny straw in her mouth and hang by her hands on the side of a cereal bowl. 

A couple of years ago I dressed up as Wilma Flintstone for Halloween. I bought the faux leopard coat for $25 at a NYC thrift store in the late 90s. 

What are you collecting lately?

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little Fire King!

So thrifting has been light but I did still managed to get out twice this week!

April thrifts! 

I found my first Fire King "Meadow Green" casserole dish for $2.99 at SA but I was really excited to find these two checkered Fire King mugs for 49 cents a piece!

I have been looking for a vintage flour sifter for a while so I was pleased to finally be able to cross one off my thrift list! I found this vintage Bromwell’s tin flour sifter with a wooden sifter handle and tin carry handle for $2.99 from GW. It's in great vintage condition with no rust. I also found my first Nut chopper from SA for 99 cents. It's marked Androck and has a circular wooden chopping block. 

Another vintage piggy bank for my collection. This one is made in Canada. I really love his expression!

My vintage pink Flamingo Pyrex collection has expanded to include this square casserole baking dish. Does anyone know what products available in Canada are safe to to clean grungy Pyrex?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Swap and bloggy mail!

So I decided to join my first ever swap (other then with family!) and join Sue's Anything Goes Easter Swap

I was pretty nervous to join since I'm a newbie blogger and wasn't sure if my Easter goodies would be up to snuff! I was partnered up with Suzanne from the Coloradolady. You can see what I sent her here.
Her package took over 10 days to ship thanks to Canada customs! It finally arrived on my doorstep this past week.
Here's what was waiting for me.

I don't know who was more excited; me or Haakon! I tore open the box and there were several tissue paper wrapped goodies.

Here is a look at my Easter Swap goodies! 

Suzanne is very crafty! She sent me not one but two Easter Putz houses complete with chenille chicks and bottle brush egg trees. I've been eyeing these houses on Pinterest~ so I'm thrilled to have them to add to my Easter decor.

An adorable log cabin quilt block chicken! A cute egg picture frame and a pack of Easter tissues. 

I was so happy I took the plunge and joined my first swap. Thank you Suzanne for being a great partner.
I also received some bloggy mail from Jill at A Little Bit of Everything

Jill posted an Instagram of The Golden Egg Book and I mentioned how I've been on the hunt for this book. She replied that she had two copies and would send me one~ So thoughtful! She must of knew that I love bunny related Little Golden Books cause she also sent me a copy of Little Cottontail

Until we thrift again...


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So sad...

I was deeply sadden to hear that Jane Henson, wife of the late Jim Henson passed away Tuesday at the age of 78.

I grew up watching Sesame Street and The Muppets always made me laugh. 

I leave you with my thrifted Ernie and Burt puppets from the 70s. I have had these guys for several years and I plan on passing them down to my kids. They make me smile every time I take them out to play!


Until we thrift again...


Monday, April 1, 2013

March Madness~ Thrifty Finds

It's been a little crazy here~ I've returned back to work so I've had to cut back on my thrifting. I think I've only gone 3 times in the past two weeks. Although my thrifting is not as frequent I still managed to pick up some great finds!

Here is what I picked up for less then $15 from SA!

Two fantastic vintage badges~ "Press Here" and "Eat Your Heart Out." I'm still undecided on where I'm going to put these...perhaps I'll sew them on a tote bag or they would look great on a vintage jean jacket.

This is my first solid piece of Fire King. I'm usually drawn to pieces with patterns but this bowl has a beautiful marble look to it.

I'm not sure if this "Sweets" glass jar is old but it definitely has a vintage look and for 99 cents it's perfect for storing hard candies or left over Easter eggs! I saw the same jar last month and regretfully passed it up so I was happy to find another one. Has anyone seen or heard of this jar before?

Some more "Crazy Daisy" Pyrex! My Spring Blossom Pyrex collection has really taken off but I've yet to complete a set of mixing bowls. Hopefully I'll come across the missing bowls to complete this set as well as my nesting Cinderella bowl set. I also found another vintage Austrian linen tablecloth for $2.99. 

Another Little Golden Book~ My bunny books keep multiplying!!

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Until we thrift again...