Friday, March 29, 2013

Let's go thrifting #3: Maui Salvation Army

Here is the third segment in "Let's go Thrifting!". While vacationing in Hawaii this month, I made a point of stopping by The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Lahaina, Maui. It was a tiny shop off the main strip. I was hoping to find some vintage Hawaiian!

Here is what I came out with. I didn't find a lot but I was lucky to find a couple of vintage Easter pieces to bring back home.

I couldn't resist picking up this vintage Easter lamb planter made in Japan for a $1. My planter collection has grown since I last posted.

A made in Hong Kong Easter tin pail for 50 cents. I love these tins I also have a Christmas themed one.

Two Kukui Nut bracelets for $3. Tourists and locals are seen all over the island wearing these bracelets and necklaces. They are made from real kukui nuts, they symbolizes light and knowledge.

I found this adorable chambray Brooks Brothers dress shirt for Haakon for $2. The best part about this shirt is it's wrinkle free!

Two healthy eating and tooth brushing picture books for my kinder classroom. They written and published in Hawaii...not bad for a $1!

Lastly I found this roll of red rick-rack for 50cents. The label reads "Great for Leis!" It will certainly be used for a bunting or two!

Speaking of leis Haakon and I took a lei making class. It was a lot of fun and the flowers smelled beautiful.

Wishing everyone a Happy Good Friday!

Until we thrift again...


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Thrifty Finds

So Easter will be upon us in a few days so I thought I would share some of my thrifted Easter finds.

Here is my feather tree outfitted with some wooden Easter ornaments I found at Salvation Army for 99 cents. They aren't vintage but definitely cheaper then if I was to buy new. 


This is my first Easter honeycomb decoration. I paid 50 cents for it at BFM. It is marked; Amscan Made in Denmark. 

Here is a "Funny Bunny" Little Golden Book to add to my growing collection of seasonal Golden Books.

 This Belleek Irish figurine has to be one of my favourite Easter finds. I found him last year for $2 at Salvation Army. He is made of porcelain and very collectible. Do you notice the Shamrock on his egg basket and hat? The Shamrock is the signature for every Belleek collectible. Doesn't he have the sweetest expression!

I found this sweet egg cup for 49 cents. It's stamped made in Japan.

This mini tea cup is also made in Japan. It features a little chick and egg. It would also serve as an egg cup.

I found this Petter Rabbit music box for a $1 at BFM. It's not in great working order but is prefect for Easter decorating.

I was lucky to find this NIP Easter tablecloth at VVs for $1.99! It's certainly not old but has a vintage feel to it.

I'm "hopping" to find a few more thrifted Easter goodies this week before the Easter Bunny makes his appearance this weekend.

Has the Easter bunny been spotted at your thrifts lately?

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let's go Thrifting #2: Maui Swap Meet


Every Saturday morning from 7am-2pm there is a Swap Meet at the Maui Community College. It took us about an hour to drive there from Lahaina so we needed to get up at 5am in order to be there for opening...that's not an easy task with an 11 month old and a 6 year old! but we did it and even managed to hit up a Starbucks for lattes on the way. We arrived at the Swap Meet a little after 7am and to our delight we spotted this amazing "surfer limo" parked in the lot. We just knew this was going to be a cool Swap Meet!

Surfer Limo
The flowers in Hawaii are amazing. They are several flower vendors selling tropical flowers for so cheap. Many of these flowers I have never seen or heard off.  

 Pincushion Protea flowers

Elsa and I with a bouquet of protea flowers

I bought one of these wooden frog rasps that mimic a croaking frog. They are hand carved from Monkey Pod for $10. I thought my kindergarten students would enjoy this!

There were large trays of shark teeth

Look at the size of these shark teeth...I should of placed a penny beside one so you could really see how big these are.

I love this shiny red coral. 
Wouldn't it look great in a mason jar?

Hand carved wooden Tiki statues from Monkey Pod.

There were also several food trucks selling Shave Ice, fish tacos, freshly squeezed lemonades and cinnamon Elephant ears which reminded me of Beaver Tails. We were advised to stay clear of the Korean Taco truck. Good thing someone told us this as RJ has a weakness tacos! 

An array of vintage Maui Soda pop bottles.

New in package vintage Hawaiian stickers

Vintage Hawaiian salt and pepper shakers from 1971. I really thought about buying these.

There was a display case filled with Hula girls from the 40s, 50s and 60s!

I was really tempted to buy this Hula girl trinket box for $25. It was made in Taiwan from the 70s.

Vintage Hawaiian quilt for $40.

Here are the 2 vintage ladies Aloha shirts I bought for $5 a piece. They were on consignment so I offered 8$ for the pair but he they wouldn't budge. Still a great price for some vintage Hawaiian!

I love the pink floral pattern and collar of this one. This is a traditional women's blouse worn in Hawaii in the 50s and 60s called a "Tea Timer."

This one has two waist pockets also called a "Tea Timer." The fabric is barkcloth and has side slits.

Here is one of the vendors selling vintage "previously enjoyed" Aloha shirts. While we were there it started to pour rain. It hasn't poured rain at a Maui Swap Meet in over 3 years! So this vendor was offering a 50% Rain Day Sale. RJ bought a vintage Reyn Spooner Aloha shirt for $22.50! 

Here is what the grounds looked like before it started to rain...

Here's what it looked like after!

The entire Swap Meet grounds were flooded. Thanks goodness we got there bright and earlier as it was flooded by 9am and vendors started to pack up. 
I highly recommend checking out this Swap Meet if you every travel to Maui. It has a little of everything and the prices are quite reasonable. Just wished it didn't get rained out as there were so many vendors we didn't get to see.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's go thrifting #1: Maui Savers

I'm officially back at work and things are really hectic around here. Feels like forever since I've blogged...

While vacationing in Maui this past month I managed to squeeze in some thrift store shopping so I wanted to share a series of posts called "Let's Go thrifting..." 

First hit was the Maui Savers for those of us Canadians "Savers" is the American version of Value Village.

Maui Savers
This is the only Savers on the island of Maui and it was crazy busy. Prices were pretty comparable to what I'm used to in Ottawa, Canada with a few exceptions like linens and fabric which were priced high.

What was cool was the amount of Aloha shirts! There must of been over 1000 shirts...

Every size and pattern imaginable!

Have you ever seen so many Hawaiian shirts!?!

There were even muumuus... 

You remember Helen Roper from Three's Company? She always rocked the coolest of Muumuus! 

and of course I spotted some Pyrex! none of which came home with me...

What did come home with me was a Hilo Hattie Aloha shirt for Haakon for $3.99! Hilo Hattie is a store that sells matching Hawaiian apparel for the entire family so I was pleased to find a shirt for less then what I would of paid for retail.

At our resort you could purchase mini wooden, surfboard postcards for $10 (which included postage). They provided the markers and Hawaiian themed rubber stamps to decorate your surfboard. Here is Haakon with his decorated surfboard for his cousins Lily and Hope.

You could also purchase a coconut to mail for $20 including postage. 

 Who wouldn't want to receive a coconut from Maui!?!
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Until we thrift again...