Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little Fire King!

So thrifting has been light but I did still managed to get out twice this week!

April thrifts! 

I found my first Fire King "Meadow Green" casserole dish for $2.99 at SA but I was really excited to find these two checkered Fire King mugs for 49 cents a piece!

I have been looking for a vintage flour sifter for a while so I was pleased to finally be able to cross one off my thrift list! I found this vintage Bromwell’s tin flour sifter with a wooden sifter handle and tin carry handle for $2.99 from GW. It's in great vintage condition with no rust. I also found my first Nut chopper from SA for 99 cents. It's marked Androck and has a circular wooden chopping block. 

Another vintage piggy bank for my collection. This one is made in Canada. I really love his expression!

My vintage pink Flamingo Pyrex collection has expanded to include this square casserole baking dish. Does anyone know what products available in Canada are safe to to clean grungy Pyrex?

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Until we thrift again...



  1. So many of those great coin banks were made in Canada! I've got a few.. I had a really great one growing up, it was a dog.

    Love the Fire King mugs.

    Am I the only person who isn't crazy about Flamingo Pyrex? I've got the same pan & I actually don't like it. It was with a lot of Pyrex that I bought last August.

  2. "Awesome" cleaner is tricky , it does take paint off SOME things but for some reason NOT pyrex. I have never had any problems with pyrex..test all other things. I do not know if they have it by you but they have it for a dollar here in Dollar tree and I have also seen it in Walmart, it looks like this.
    Spray and do not breathe it in and do not spray when the kiddies are close, I have not idea whats in it but it can make you cough, just safer not to inhale (Monica)hope you can find it.

  3. I have been looking for a sifter just like that.
    You should try a different scouring pad, one with teeth. I have one, if I remember the name I will share iy.

  4. I have found the Bar Keepers Friend in Canada, at Kitchen Stuff Plus and at a Black & Decker store in an outlet mall.

  5. I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser too.

  6. I second the magic eraser, if you can get them there. They are indeed "magic." :) I am jealous of your Flamingo Pink collection -- one of my faves!

  7. Nice scores, that look so nice together as a set. I agree with trying the magic eraser as well. Good luck getting it clean!

  8. Not sure if you have Mr. Clean Magic Erasers up there, but they work GREAT on Pyrex. I've rescued some doozies with that stuff.

    Just be sure to wash them well, after you use the eraser.

  9. I have a major weakness for Fire King mugs and would have grabbed those it a second! There is a Meadow Green casserole that has been sitting on the shelf of my local SVDP for the past several weeks. Not sure of the price since I never picked it up. I will have to check next time. I'm sure it will probably be gone now:-)


  10. I have the same nut chopper...I just love it! Those magic erasers that BeckyKay was talking about ...I have to agree they are wonderful!!! ...I tried them on several things...I can't believe how great they work.

  11. You've inspired me to start collecting Pyrex! I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds!