Friday, March 29, 2013

Let's go thrifting #3: Maui Salvation Army

Here is the third segment in "Let's go Thrifting!". While vacationing in Hawaii this month, I made a point of stopping by The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Lahaina, Maui. It was a tiny shop off the main strip. I was hoping to find some vintage Hawaiian!

Here is what I came out with. I didn't find a lot but I was lucky to find a couple of vintage Easter pieces to bring back home.

I couldn't resist picking up this vintage Easter lamb planter made in Japan for a $1. My planter collection has grown since I last posted.

A made in Hong Kong Easter tin pail for 50 cents. I love these tins I also have a Christmas themed one.

Two Kukui Nut bracelets for $3. Tourists and locals are seen all over the island wearing these bracelets and necklaces. They are made from real kukui nuts, they symbolizes light and knowledge.

I found this adorable chambray Brooks Brothers dress shirt for Haakon for $2. The best part about this shirt is it's wrinkle free!

Two healthy eating and tooth brushing picture books for my kinder classroom. They written and published in Hawaii...not bad for a $1!

Lastly I found this roll of red rick-rack for 50cents. The label reads "Great for Leis!" It will certainly be used for a bunting or two!

Speaking of leis Haakon and I took a lei making class. It was a lot of fun and the flowers smelled beautiful.

Wishing everyone a Happy Good Friday!

Until we thrift again...



  1. I seem to see planters quite often but I've never bought one. Maybe I better pick one up!

  2. You too!! Your finds are wonderful!!! I like the tin and the bracelets are perfect. But your son takes the cake in his new shirt!!! What a cutie!!!!

  3. Hi, Astrid! I am always so happy when someone new visits me at Zetta's Aprons and comments on my posts. Welcome! I have just become your newest follower. I have never been to Hawaii, but I think it would be fun to go where the locals go and to the thrift stores. The lambie planter is perfect for our Bloggie Easter Parade! I am going to turn some of my planters into a Nursery Parade...not exactly original, if you've seen Elizabeth's at Creative Breathing. lol!

  4. What wonderful finds!! That lamb is the cutest!! :) Happy Easter!! xx Holly

  5. what a cute planter! and the lei making class looks super fun. some friends of mine went to hawaii in the fall and loved it! i'm dying to go now.

  6. Happy Easter! Sucks you didn't find the vintage Hawaiian you were seeking, but lucky you left with some fun finds!