Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's go thrifting #1: Maui Savers

I'm officially back at work and things are really hectic around here. Feels like forever since I've blogged...

While vacationing in Maui this past month I managed to squeeze in some thrift store shopping so I wanted to share a series of posts called "Let's Go thrifting..." 

First hit was the Maui Savers for those of us Canadians "Savers" is the American version of Value Village.

Maui Savers
This is the only Savers on the island of Maui and it was crazy busy. Prices were pretty comparable to what I'm used to in Ottawa, Canada with a few exceptions like linens and fabric which were priced high.

What was cool was the amount of Aloha shirts! There must of been over 1000 shirts...

Every size and pattern imaginable!

Have you ever seen so many Hawaiian shirts!?!

There were even muumuus... 

You remember Helen Roper from Three's Company? She always rocked the coolest of Muumuus! 

and of course I spotted some Pyrex! none of which came home with me...

What did come home with me was a Hilo Hattie Aloha shirt for Haakon for $3.99! Hilo Hattie is a store that sells matching Hawaiian apparel for the entire family so I was pleased to find a shirt for less then what I would of paid for retail.

At our resort you could purchase mini wooden, surfboard postcards for $10 (which included postage). They provided the markers and Hawaiian themed rubber stamps to decorate your surfboard. Here is Haakon with his decorated surfboard for his cousins Lily and Hope.

You could also purchase a coconut to mail for $20 including postage. 

 Who wouldn't want to receive a coconut from Maui!?!
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Until we thrift again...



  1. I love visiting thriftstores while traveling - and all my souvenirs come from those.
    Also, love your Scandinavian names - are you native? I am :-)

  2. Such a different array of thrifty goods!! Fun!!

  3. Now that is cool! Getting a surf board or coconut in the mail would make my week!!! And how fun for the kids! Great job on hitting up the savers...such a cute shirt!!!

  4. The surfboard was a huge hit! Thanks for including the Ropers in this post, she had such memorable style.